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My Magical Moments

Vendor Cart Shop - Cupcake

Vendor Cart Shop - Cupcake

  • Exclusively Designed By Us in our Aussie Elf Workshop

We have a deep passion for crafting props that bring endless joy to your mischievous elves. Our remarkable Vendor Cart is a precious treasure in our collection, opening up a world of creativity and excitement. It's a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting transformation into a hub of tasty delight! Watch as your elves turn it into a captivating Elf cupcake stand. Where they can sell sweet treats to their toy friends in the neighbourhood. No need to strain your brain for new antics – let the cupcakes work their magic and bring endless smiles!


Brace yourself for a scene that will have your elf serving up smiles and spreading frosting-covered joy to all who venture near! Don't forget to whip up the excitement with our delectable assortment of food props, allowing your imagination to rise like a perfectly fluffy cupcake. Let the dough-lightful adventure begin in style with our magical muffin shop—where every elf becomes a master of confectionery delights!

So, Get ready to whisk your elf into a world of sugary enchantment! Dress them up in a cupcake costume and sprinkle it with a touch of whimsical props for an effortless scene that is bound to dazzle your family. Let the aroma of imagination fill the air as your elf becomes the sweet centerpiece of joy and laughter. It's a recipe for a guaranteed wow-factor that will leave everyone craving for more magical moments!

What's Included

Get ready to whisk your elf's entrepreneurial spirit into a baking frenzy with our incredible Vendor Cart! With a pinch of design wizardry, this versatile cart effortlessly transforms into an elf cupcake stand that's sure to take the cake. Sprinkle the top pieces with a delightful logo and garnish the front with a sweet sign, and behold the batter-tastic sight of everyone lining up for a scrumptiously enchanting experience


Prepare for a scrumptious adventure filled with creative fun! Simply give the Download button below a gentle tap to savor the instant delight of your free file. As you embark on the printing journey, remember to resist the temptation of resizing the image and instead keep it true to size, ensuring a perfect fit on your delightful Vendor cart. For best results, we recommend using the sturdy and delectable 200gsm paper, ensuring your creation stands the test of time. Carefully cut out the adorable elf cupcake stand, securing it to your cart with the trusty companion of blue tac.

And here's a little secret recipe for our crafty elves: sprinkle a dash of velcro to your cart and add a touch of laminate to the printables, crafting a magical concoction of easy shop front replacements. With these enchanted tools in hand, let your imagination dance and twirl, exploring endless possibilities with our delightful printable props. Unleash your inner mischief-maker and let the elfin festivities begin!

Elf Compatibility

Important Info

*Other accessories shown are sold separately

The intended use of this item is for display purposes and is not suitable for children under age 3 due to small parts.

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