Collection: My Elf Friends® (Wired Elves)

  • They Stand

    Our specially designed shoes are removable but have the ability to help our elf fully stand

    Wowing your kids with magic

  • They Bend

    With wire, from their feet to their hats. Our elves can bend into all sorts of positions.

    Making it easier on you

  • Australian Owned & Designed

    Exclusively designed by us. You won't find an elf like this anywhere else in the world.
    Your child won't see this in shops

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A Twist, A Turn, and a Whole Lot of Elf Fun!

G’day mates! Ever found yourself gazing at a stiff, lifeless elf, thinking, "Crikey, if only you were a bit more... bendy"? Well, toss another shrimp on the barbie and let's celebrate, because My Magical Moments has just the solution for you!

The Flexibility Olympics: Elf Edition

Our collection of bendable elves aren't just another pretty (and mischievous) face. These little legends come with wired limbs that can twist, twirl, and take on any pose you fancy. Want your elf doing a Down Under salute atop your Christmas tree? Or perhaps recreating iconic Aussie landmarks in miniature? With these flexible friends, the sky's the limit!

From Static to Dynamic: The Rise of the Bendable Christmas Elves

Remember those rigid elves of yesteryears, standing sentinel-like with nary a bend in sight? Those days are long gone, mates! The new era beckons - one where wired elves do the limbo, twist, and boogie to the tune of Jingle Bells.

What's the Deal with the Wire?

The secret sauce behind our bendable elves? A sturdy, invisible wire that runs through their tiny elfish bodies. It's like giving them a backbone - albeit one that can bend into fun and often hilarious poses. And worry not, these wired wonders are as amazing as their non-wired counterparts.

The Quintessential Aussie Elf Experience

As proud Australians, we know that our Christmas isn’t about snow and sleighs, but sunburn and surfboards. And guess what? So do our bendable elves. Whether you want them to hold a mini boomerang or mimic a kangaroo's jump, they're up for the challenge. Our bendable Christmas elves are eager to embrace all the quirks and perks of an Aussie festive season.

No Compromise on Quality, Mate!

At My Magical Moments, we believe in giving you nothing short of the best. Our bendable elf range is crafted with care, ensuring they're durable, delightful, and downright Aussie. And hey, while they're bendable, their commitment to bringing joy is as firm as ever!

So, next time you fancy adding a bit of bendy mischief to your Christmas décor, you know where to head. Dive into our collection, let your imagination run wild, and introduce your household to the flexible wonders of wired elves.

Remember, an elf might be bendable, but the smiles they bring are unbreakable. Cheers to a bendy, twisty, and oh-so-Aussie Christmas!