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About Us

My Magical Moments® is an Australian based company created after a young Aussie mum, wasn't able to find affordable magical products to help create special moments with her daughter. After a few months, lots of creativity and the world at her feet, My Magical Moments® was born. With high quality products and affordable prices as her aim, My Magical Moments® launched in 2015.

9 years later with over 100,000 orders shipped world wide, featured in many articles for their adorable elf babies, Elves with Special Needs® range and affordable elf accessories, My Magical Moments® is Australia's largest Affordable Elf store.

In 2021 My Magical Moments® released the world's first pre-wired, standing affordable elf, My Elf Friends®, available in a range of hair colors with two skin tones. This was accompanied by their exclusive new design of My Elf Baby® and My Elf Toddlers®.

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