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Just like us, your elves can find themselves with a cold, broken bone or even needing some urgent medical attention. This is our section dedicated to all things medical. Our elf medical props are just what the doctor ordered. Doctor elf that is, or maybe nurse elf?

We are all in this together.

An elf company who knows elves and our customers. Aiming to create affordable props for all families to enjoy. This our unique range of elf medical props and costumes we have designed to ensure your family feel included.

From Puffers, feeding tubes, Crutches and arm casts. Whatever your elf might be needing medical attention for. We can help.

Did someone say free elf props?

Grab those Elf glasses, because you're going to want to read this. We have free medical inspired elf props, Whether your doctor elf needs a clipboard or your nurse needs a eye chart. Your elf can help address any medical support their fellow elf may have.

Pair it up with a desk for an office or some chairs to create a waiting room. The medical printables will help demonstrate exactly what's going on in the elf world to your children.

View our range of elf ideas to help inspire you. If you find over $100 worth of items you can qualify for free shipping, Australia and New Zealand wide.