Collection: Halloween

With Christmas being just a short time away. Your elf might decide to show up for a spooky surprise this Halloween.  Swoop on by My Magical Moments for all your elf Halloween props.

These spooktacular elf costumes are just what you need to surprise your family. Whether they are a ghost popping by to say BOO. A witch casting a spell or even showing their inner bones with our skeleton costume.

Your elf will be sure to find themselves in any thrilling situation with our elf range of props and costumes

It's not all bad here

Knowing every family has a different elf that visits their home. We design our range right here in Australia to be compatible with other branded elves. Whether it's the branded Elf on the shelf , elf that pays a visit or our very own My Elf Friends.

Even your Elf babies and Elf toddlers can join in the spooky celebration. Perfect for those tiny Boo's you hear in the middle of the night.

Ensure to check out our Free Elf printable section to take advantage of our printable coffin. A perfect pairing for your elves pop-up antic.

Don't wait till you're a pile of bones to order your elf Halloween props, designed by us at affordable prices. Shipping is free across Australia and New Zealand for orders over $100! But don't worry for those out of town we ship worldwide too If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.