Collection: Farmyard Fun

Not all Farmers want a wife. This Elf would just settle for some farm animals, or even some elf farmyard props. This little elf can be crying wee wee all the way home with their elf props.

Old Mcdonald had an elf farm

Old Mcdonald had an elf farm EIO EIO, on the farm he had some pigs.  With a corn cob here and a carrot there, every where a chicken, egg or a tractor. Old Mcdonald had an elf farm EIO EIO

Pair it with our printable barn and your kids will be in awe at just how clever their elf friends can be.

We put the EWE in customers

Designed to be compatible with a wide range of elves, you will find a farm loving elf costume or accessory for everyone,. That's why My Magical Moments keep our customers in mind and put ourselves in your shoes. So we can really make that elf visit special. Our head elf is constantly thinking, designing and making new props each year. That way you have fun exciting ways to bring back previous purchased props.

So browse the elf farmyard props we have to offer. With your elf ideas sorted, you can be counting sheep and rest well knowing that your kids are going to love this range. It wont get delivered on a tractor, however we do offer Free Shipping to our Australian & New Zealand customers when you spend over $100. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We promise to write baaaaack