Collection: Elf Costumes

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Just like us, elves love to dress up. Everything your family may need this Christmas is right here. My Magical Moments exclusively design elf costumes your family can have the best time this December. Unlimited elf ideas and a large range of outfits your elf can be dressed up as their favourite snack or dressed as an animal.

We have all elves in mind

Being an all elf store we are able to keep all brands in mind when it comes to designing our range here in Australia. We make sure our elf costumes are compatible with the elf brands who are already visiting your home.

Got more than one elf?. Great!. We make sure our designs can work on their own or as a pair, family or even a group of elves. So no elf gets left behind or forgotten.

Whatever your elf  likes to dress up as.  Maybe an athlete, after they hide as their favourite fruit or even shows up as delicious treat. We have from your elf arrival to their goodbye completely covered.

Come browse our range and see what all the fuss is about. In addition to our fabulous prices take advantage of  free shipping across Australia and New Zealand for orders over $100. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to Contact us.