Collection: Circus

Step right up. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys & Girls and all others here for today's antics. We have a unique range of circus elf accessories for all your elves to enjoy. Designed here in Australia we are able to cater to a range of branded elves, including Elf on the shelf branded elf or Elves behavin badly.

Just like a magic trick they continue to surprise you.

We are able to not only make affordable circus elf accessories and costumes, but these circus themed props will continue to surprise you. With unlimited ways to reuse your elf circus. Bring them back for a birthday, a magic trick or maybe pair them with another accessory or elf costume.

We took further steps to enhance the fun by designing a free printable big top circus tent. Or maybe fill a vendor cart with delicious circus treats. A elf antic sure to impress the kids with a cute layered elf scene.

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