Collection: Birthday

A very special Birthday is coming up in your home and your child really misses their elf. Don't be left unprepared for this big occasion, pre plan by having all your Birthday Elf accessories ready.

Sometimes our children really want to celebrate with their special friends. If like many others this includes your families elf. Tailoring a unique range of  Elf props and costumes. Your elf can either send them a special message or pop by for a quick visit.

Cake every body loves cake

So do our elves, with a cute cake costume, cupcake or even a bag of candy. Your elves can dress to impress or never have to show up empty handed with their elf sized present or balloon props. Compatible with the branded elves you already have visit your home. Every elf can surprise your family and make it a memorable day.

A few months to prepare.

But what if your child doesn't celebrate their birthday during their elf visit?. Not to worry, being available during the months of September to early December,  you can prepare early before we close. Lucky for you, a birthday comes around the same date each year ( unless their leap year baby of course ) so you know exactly when to have this all planned by.

Explore our celebratory range of props and elf accessories, designed by us at affordable prices. Shipping is free across Australia and New Zealand for orders over $100 — so dive right in and shop for the best elf accessories today! If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.