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My Elf Friends®

Meet our Affordable Poseable Elves!

Our adorable My Elf Friends® are extremely unique, not only are they designed here in Australia, but they have some amazing features that will take your Christmas fun to the next level.

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  • They Stand

    Our specially designed shoes are removable but have the ability to help our elf fully stand.

    Wowing your kids with magic

  • They Bend

    With wire, from their feet to their hats. Our elves can bend into all sorts of positions.

    Making it easier on you

  • Australian Owned & Designed

    Exclusively designed by us. You won't find an elf like this anywhere else in the world.
    Your child won't see this in shops

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My Elf Friends® are sent all the way from Santa to your home. They help report to Santa on your child's behaviour, but more importantly, they are visiting to make Christmas more Magical and add fun. We have designed this wired elf girl to have long Brown hair, elf ears, a stripy legged body and an adorable outfit .

After spending all year helping the man in red prep for Christmas, our elves love to blow off some steam. On the first day of December, hyped-up on candy canes and Christmas Cheer, they show up unannounced and surprise families.

Each night our elves patiently wait until you wrestle your little ones into bed before having some fun of their own. At the crack of dawn, your eager tots may try and catch them in the act and discover what mess or fun awaits. Maybe they left a special message, dressed up in a hilarious costume, decorated your home, set up a fun activity, or were found in a magical scene.

Your Elf Friends will never run out of ideas with My Magical Moments wide range of Free printables and affordable accessories. With our exclusively designed special needs range, our elves can help all children feel included this December.

Keep your eyes peeled as our elves Love to show up on other special occasions to make them extra special too. If you’re extra lucky they might even bring their families along, next visit!

  • Patent Protected

    Our elves exclusively designed by us, therefore we have taken further steps to have their design protected around the world. Meaning won't find their adorable little faces anywhere else but our website. More importantly little eyes won't catch them being sold in store and risk loosing their magic and mystery.

  • You'll Save So Much Time

    Our elves are the first elves to come completely pre-wired for your elf fun. This means you can up your elf game and bend them into all sorts of fun poses. Even their hat is bendable.

Standing Tips

Your elf despite being magical won't just stand immediately, they will need a little help finding their centre of gravity.

You and your elf will need a bit of coaching in the art of staying upright. Think of it as an elf-sized yoga session! You might find yourself adjusting their shoes, doing a little leg spreading (no, not that kind), and maybe even twisting and bending their body into all sorts of funky shapes. It's like a mini elf-ercise routine!

But here's the magical part: the more you wiggle and jiggle your elf, the better you'll understand them. Trust me, you'll be a pro at elf yoga in no time! It's all about patience, like teaching a tiny human to stand on their own two feet. So go ahead, give your elf a helping hand (or finger), and let the balancing act begin!

Dress To Impress

Our Boy elves come with an adorable removable pair of overalls. With our Girls a skirt with suspenders. Designed perfectly for that Aussie summer Christmas weather

The fun doesn't stop there, we have over 100 costumes for your elf to dress up in!

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Free Printables

Upon purchase, you will be emailed an Elf arrival Printable tailored to your chosen elf. Simply print this off at home and have your elf arrive with their special letter. However If you do not receive yours, please check your junk or spam folder. Otherwise, it can be downloaded here

Being our design means we are able to offer you exclusive Free props and printables tailored to your elf rather than generic ones. View them all in our FREE PRINTABLE SECTION

Family Matters

We have a wide range of adult elves as well as the addition of a My Elf Baby® and My Elf Toddlers®, these are all designed to have the same unique facial features to fit in as a family.

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How To Take Care Of ME

How to take care of me

  • Like many elves, I am not a toy. I have been designed to be handled with care from adults.  Being elf size I do contain small parts so it's important, I am not given or in arms reach of children, especially those under 3 as I don't appreciate my body being slobbered or chewed on.
  • When I am having fun with my props, it is important that you unbend my hand before taking props out of position, as this can cause my wire to fold into itself, it will result in a lot of mature language and patience to unbend this wire. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  • Dogs will love me, so please do not let them play with me as unfortunately, I am unable to magically fix my face or body if it has been chewed off.
  • Just Like humans, I am unable to hold my breath for long periods of time, I will not survive in a washing machine, so if I get dirty, please hold me like your new-born and hand wash me with care.
  • I don't respond well to heat, if I am placed in high-temperature environments such as an oven or a microwave, I will be forced to show you my special magical melting trick. Be warned this trick results in a one way melted look that will haunt you.
  • Forgetting to move me. As magical as we tell the kids I am, unfortunately, I am not going to move myself, so make sure you have some great last-minute ideas for the nights you forget.
  • At the end of Christmas, when I have "returned with Santa' please make sure I am straightened out before being hidden away, nobody wants to have a bad back because I was wedged in a corner for 11 months.
  • Please set a reminder with my location so I am not lost.  We have all seen the psychological effects of Woody & Buzz when they were neglected by their humans.
  • Love me like your own, I know, I am sometimes hard work, you might curse me as you drag yourself out of bed at 11 pm when you remember I haven't moved but remember why I am here, to bring laughter, joy and fun into your Christmas
Elf Footwear

Ah, behold the marvel of elf footwear—magical shoes that can be whisked off with a flick of the wrist! We've crafted these beauties to be easily removable, making costume changes a breeze for our adorable little elves. Now, here's the trick: when slipping those shoes back on, a tiny bend at the bottom of their legs is all it takes to hook 'em in snug as a bug in a rug. And fear not, dear friend, if by some twist of fate you find yourself separated from these marvelous shoes over the years, fret not! You can snag a new pair quicker than you can say "abracadabra." After all, every elf deserves to strut their stuff in style!

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