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How it works

Earn Money off Products by being part of our loyalty program!


Sign up with your email address to start earning points.


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Spend points to use toward Elf Props & Costumes

Ways to earn

Spending your hard-earned points is easy! Simply apply your points for a discount at checkout!

Accumulate points by executing these missions

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10 points


Ways to redeem

You can apply your points to anything any product you have in your cart.

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Elf Perks

Discount $.10 for every 10 points


How does it work?

Free to join, simply sign up for an account with us. Place an order and earn points on every shop. These points can be applied to future orders to receive money off your purchased products.

How many points do I earn?

For every $1 spent you will earn 10 My Elf Perk points

What are My Elf Perk Points worth?

For every 100 points you have is equivalent to $1.

So if you do a $100 shop, you will receive $10 worth (1000) My Elf Perk points in your account to use on a future order.

Is there a minimum or maximum I can redeem?

Your discount starts at 10cents for redemption. This is the minimum requirement for your My Elf Perk Points, you can use as little or as many as you like off your shop. Save them to get them off your entire cart, or use them as you go.

How do I Redeem them?

It's super easy, just head over to your cart when you are ready, make sure you are signed into your account and add the amount of points you would like to use.

Who can join?

If you love our elf props and want to save on your future shop, then My Elf Perk Program is perfect for you. Available for account holders, whether you have an account under your personal name, business or school.

Do I earn points even when items are on sale?

You sure will, you will earn points on all the products you purchased, on sale or not. (Does not include postage)

Are there any exclusions on what you can redeem points on?

Your points are only applicable towards the price of our products, this can not be applied to postage or applied with any other form of discount code

How do I check my balance?

Simply click the pop up screen on the bottom right of our screen to see 

Do my points expire?

No, we understand our elfers, generally shop once a year with us and will continue to shop over the life time of their elf. Therefore we have no expiry on your points.

Are there bonus ways to earn points?

Sure is! For joining, you will receive bonus points