Made By Rory

Meet Rory, my 9 year old daughter.

She's the entire reason My Magical Moments even exists. When she was just 4 months old I launched My Magical Moments to bring more magic to her life and to others.

From the moment Rory was able to help she was taking parcels to our pick up area, putting stock away, picking and packing orders. From the age of 5 Rory has been coming up with ideas and scenes for your elves.

During our 2023 season Prep Rory decided she wanted more of a role in the magic. She took to paint and drew up all her ideas. We went through them and picked one for her to pursue.

Rory over the next few months, learnt all the programs she needed to understand and began bringing her ideas to life.

Her process begins in her mind and transforms into illustrator. Here she shapes her designs ready for the next step.

She takes her work and transforms them into 3D objects. Where she carefully structures ready for production.

Rory then makes all the products herself, she does the colour changes and even the packaging.

They then are taken to our elf workspace ready for the elves and sometimes her, to package your goodies up and send them off to their new home.

To her piggy bank

From as little as 3, Rory has always wanted to own her own doggy daycare. For years we have listened to her vision grow on how she will entertain her dogs with games to the treats she will offer her doggy clients.

Every item made by Rory, that is sold, all the Profit is being put away by her to one day fund this dream.

Thank You For Your Support

My Magical Moments wouldn't be the company it is, helping over 50,000 families world wide. If it wasn't for our elfers. For every comment, share, like or purchase it has helped us grow and make it possible to provide ever lasting magic to you all.

Thank you, we appreciate your support and giving us a space for Rory and I to continue to create and bring our ideas to life.