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About Us

Once Upon A Time, in the land down under a young mother started on a journey. She had no idea where this journey would lead her.

Her day began like any other, caring for her new, precious baby. Always enjoying and treasuring each and every moment. She loved the thought of being able to create many more, memorable times.

Longing for the day that she could bring fairies into her little ones world, just like they were in her life growing up. Unfortunately, after hours of researching on products to set up a magical area for her child, the magic moments seemed out of reach. 

It then it dawned on her, how many others wanted to share magical moments with a loved one, and or a friend but found it too expensive.

So this young mother began her quest to provide affordable magical moments to everyone, no matter how young or young at heart.

With the help of my new magical friends and a little bit of fairy dust, My Magical Moments was born.

We are all so excited in being able to provide some tools to bring the magic to you and your loved ones.

We look forward to being able to share many special Magical Moments with you all.