Collection: Elf Food

Who says you cant enjoy food without having to worry about where it will go. Our Affordable line of elf food is not only adorably elf sized but is suitable for all branded elves.

Whether its your first time elfing or your last, you can be assured that these deliciously looking costumes and accessories will look just as tasty on your kitchen bench.

A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.

Isn't something you will ever have to utter with this lot of elf food. Whilst we do think they look IG worthy and may fool your kids into thinking they are real life. Rest assured these aren't food they will spoil and we promise it's nothing that will change your gorgeous mum bod. Whilst I can't control the cravings of the real thing you might wind up with.

With the cost of food is increasing and time it takes to prepare is getting all too much with all the little ones we have at our feet. I'm sure you'll find these food inspired props & Costumes the best thing you've purchased all week.

So get on to it, shop the range. Unlike your grocery store we offer free shipping for Australian and New New Zealand customers when you spend over $100. Have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.