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Kmart Fairy / Elf House Hack

Jessica Daly

If you would like another great, affordable alternative to our fairy/ elf houses, and don't mind getting your hands dirty we found the Kmart shadow box a great smaller fairy/elf house hack.

To find out how we transformed it and to find or buy the accessories we used to build it with please keep reading

What you will need:

  • House shadow box kmart $12
  • Paint ( if you wish to paint it)
  • Scrapbooking paper 
  • Little Grass 30 x 30cm $8 Found Here
  • Scissors/ stanley knife
  • Paint brush/ sponge


How we did it:

  • We decided to paint the inside of our house and each shelving side box, we painted about 5 coats
  • While the paint dried we cut our Little Grass 30 x30cm to fit each area we wanted covered

  • After disovering the backs of the house part can be removed carefully, we did this and cut our scrapbooking paper to fit. The scrapbooking paper did not quite fit up to the top corner, so we covered this with paper that we had left over from the side shelves.

  • Once dried we re-attached the backing to the house with PVA glue.
  • Measure and cut the scrapbook paper to size for each little shelf.

  • Glue or place grass in the house and shelves


Tada!! Now the fun begins,time to decorate your house :)

To decorate this particular house we used the following accessories that can be found and purchased Here


      Fairy Door & Mailbox Pack $32

     Over The Rainbow $1

     Wicker Basket $2

     Humble Bumble Bees x 2 : $0.30 each

     Mini Mushrooms $0.50 

     Little Lady Bugs x 2 : $0.30 each

     Rascally Rabbits $1.50 

     Led Wall Light $12.50

     Itty Bitty Bench $1

     Little Mermaid Open Book $2.50

     Fairy Friend #3 $3

     Fairy Friend # 4 $3

     Lovey Dovey Hearts $1

     Extra Large Picket Fence  $5

     Medium Butterfly Choice # 2

     Small Butterfly Choice # 2

     Extra Small Butterfly Choice # 14

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