We are now closed for the season. We will return briefly for Easter. Than officially September 1st for the new elf season

Elf Planning Kit

Here at My Magical Moment we have designed the perfect set of files for you to print off at home, that we hope will help you plan your elf this December. 
Included in this download is:
  • 1 page of Elf ideas- Here you can write down all the great ideas you have for your elf.
  • 5 pages of Antic planning fun- Once you have picked the 24-25 antics your elf will get up to, you can jot down your plan, what props you need, then check it off when you're ready
  • 1 Calendar- Last but not least write down your elf antic each night of December. That way you know exactly what your Elves will be doing and you wont get stuck!

    In case you missed the link, click the link below to get your Elf Planning Kit