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Elf Toddler - Boy - Blonde Hair
Elf Toddler - Boy - Blonde Hair
Elf Toddler - Boy - Blonde Hair

Elf Toddler - Boy - Blonde Hair

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Our Magical Elf Toddlers are not only designed to look like their younger baby self but are perfect for showing the growth of your baby from the previous year. Or if you want to skip the hard yards all together you can skip the sleepless nights and dive straight into terrible twos. 

We promise ours won't scream the house down, when you give them the wrong cup colour, throw their cereal on the floor or draw on your walls. 

Designed with a matching Green hat, shoes and a playsuit, your toddler can, stand pose and join in with the December fun

Our Elf Toddler measures approximately 12.5 cm.


  • Elf On The Shelf®
  • Elves Behavin' Badly
  • An Elf Christmas Elf


    Other accessories shown are sold separately 

    Just like our props and accessories, our toddlers are not a toy and are intended for display purposes, these should not be given to young children especially those under 3 as it contains small parts. 

    This item is exclusive to My Magical Moments and must not be resold in commercial retail.

    These items have a limit of 4 of the same item per customer (no more than 4 toddlers can be purchased) Orders containing more than the allowable limit will be adjusted accordingly and a refund given.

    If more than the allowed limit is required (eg. for personal use or a preschool) please contact us before ordering, so that your order is not adjusted.