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Magical Bean Starter Packs

The Magical Bean Starter Pack is a perfect idea for anyone that you would like a unique gift for.

Comes with everything you need to grow your own Magical Bean with a special message.

Each Starter Pack includes

  • 1 Pot (5 different colours to choose from)
  • 1 Magic Bean (26 to choose from)
  • 1 Packet of Water Beads (Soil Substitute)


"What is a Magical Bean"

Magical beans are awesome little seeds, with words or pictures printed on them, and when they grow the words or pictures are displayed on the plant.

This is the unique gift that will remind the receiver how special they are.

There are 26 different word/picture varieties to choose from.

These are perfect for any occasion, including wedding, christening and party favours or just to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

My Magical Moments also have a fundraising option available to any school, charity, or organisation that would like to raise money. Fantastic idea, especially for preschools as it is fun and also educational.

If you are a teacher and looking for a class activity to help settle your new students in to class, why not try giving each student there own Magical Bean for them to grow and look after. This will not only give the child responsibility but also give them a sense of belonging in their new class.

Magical Beans are also a great promotional idea for your company or school. If you place a bulk order of 500 or more you will not only get a discount but will also be able to put your own special words on the bean. (Please contact to discuss). These special little beans will certainly be memorable to anyone lucky enough to receive them.

The seed is a Jack Vine Seed and will eventually grow into a vine with purple/pink flowers and then seeds that are edible when cooked. The seed pod which displays the message when grown will drop off the plant after approximately 3 months. Once the plants outgrow their pot, they can be replanted into your garden and they will grow up to 1 metre in height!

With our growth guarantee, we will replace the magical bean if your bean does not grow after following the planting instructions.