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Super Easy Kmart Christmas Tree Box Hack #2

Jessica Daly

Today we did a super easy Hack on the Kmart Christmas Tree Display box


Our cheeky elves decided to add some excitement to their day and wanted to create a fun space for them to play when they visit this Christmas


Items we used


Christmas Tree Display box $12

My Magical Moments 

Little garden 30x30 $8

Magical Christmas Door Pack $36

Holly $0.50

Led Light $12.50

Picket Fences (2pcs) $3.00

Fireplace $7.5

Fire Pit $3.00

Ship in A Bottle $3.00

Santa Hat $0.40

Candy Cane $1.00 x2

Presents Please $0.40 x4

Booktastic books  $2.50 x5

Snowy Snowflakes $0.50

Fishing Rod $3.00





PVA Glue




3mm double sided tape



  1. Measure and trim grass to size
  2. Glue the grass in place (optional)
  3. Attach desired accessories with double-sided tape
  4. Assemble the house 

Told you it was super easy. It seems our little girl elf has gotten herself into some trouble with a spider, but not to worry our Super Christmas Elf is here to save the day!


 Also pictured 


Santa Sleigh $6.00

Carrots (2pcs) $1.00

Picket Fences Extra Large $4.50 x3

Bintastic Bin $3.00

Santa Sleigh $6.00

Bintastic Bin $3.00

Vendor Cart $15

Vendor Cart Add On - Jolly Treats $3.50

 Bintastic Bin $3.00

Camping Tent $10.00





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