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Magical Fairy In Jar

Jessica Daly

Here at My Magical Moments we decided to get creative and we made this Super Easy Fairy Jar. We love it and thought you may like this fun project too.

What you will need!

  1. Jar ( I got mine from Kmart for $2)
  2. Fairy die cut picture
  3. PVA glue 
  4. Baking or Tissue paper
  5. White tooth fairy dust - (found on our website www.mymagicalmoments.com.au $1.50)
  6. Twinkle lights or a Led Candle



  1. Glue your fairy die cut picture to either the inside  or outside of your jar
  2. Cut paper to the size of your jar
  3. Place a thin layer of glue around the front of your jar.
  4. Wrap baking paper around the jar. smoothing the paper out as you go.
  5. Repeat 2-3 times.
  6. Folding the edges of the paper underneath as you apply the paper.
  7. Add glue around the edges of your jar and sprinkle some magical fairy dust onto the outside. Allow to dry
  8.  Add your fairy lights or led candle in your jar and secure with the lid.

Watch your magical fairy come to life

We do not recommend you holding your fairy captive for too long, as they need to be free to spread their magic!

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