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Pirate Treasure Printable

Ahoy!, Me Hearties. This here pirate be goin' t' tell ye a wee secret bout, a buried loot i found here wit' this map. becareful t' nah let any other scallywag know about it.
yer elf can go on its owns adventure wit' the help o' this printable. We 'ave already fought off 'em scoundrels fer ye, so all the hard work be done
Simply download yers here 
if ye needs instructions on how t' build yer chest follow these steps
Things ye will needs
  • Sword/ Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Bottle Of Rum (only for the toughest of legal aged pirates)



1. Swig some rum
2. Download the file
3.  Print (For best results print on at least 200gsm paper)
4. Cut along the outside edges o' the chest
5. Fold your template along the black lines including the white tabs
6. dab the bottom white tabs wit ol glue and fold your box, let the dry
7. Lid- fold these tabs under the lid 'n glue as ye follow the curve
8. Once dry ye can glue the lock down or fill wit' chocolate or gold doubloons

Now let yer pirate follow the map till they find the bury boot