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Super Easy Kmart Christmas Tree Box Hack #1

Jessica Daly

Today we did a super easy Hack on the Kmart Christmas Tree Display box 


Our cheeky elves decided to add some excitement into their day and wanted to create a fun space for them to play when they visit this Christmas


Items we used


Christmas Tree Display box $12

My Magical Moments 

Little garden 30x30 $8

Magical Christmas Door Pack $36

Pack Of Holly $0.50

Christmas Tree $1.00

Large Shimmering Snowflakes  $1.00

Spooky Spider Web $1.50

Snow White Princess Dress Up $3.00

Canvas & Easel $3.00

Blazing Bbq $10.00

Burgeralicious Burgers $1.00

Plungers x2 $0.30 each

Super Christmas Elf Superhero Outfit $3.00


Pva Glue




3mm double sided tape



  1. Measure and trim grass to size
  2. Glue the grass in place (optional)
  3. Attatch desired accessories with double sided tape
  4. Assemble the house 

Told you it was super easy. It seems our little girl elf has gotten herself into some trouble with a spider, but not to worry our Super Christmas Elf is here to save the day!








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