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Easy Peasy Elf Baby

Jessica Daly

If only bringing a baby into this world was a easy peasy as these adorable babies

What you will need:

  • Baby 8cm - we purchased ours from here it cost us around 40cents and took two -three weeks to receive it  (if you prefer ebay here is a link  they are $1)

  • scrap material

  • pva glue

    What to do

    • Carefully remove all clothing from baby

    • Using the fabric you have chosen, cut to size and wrap your baby (just like you did your newborn)

    • Using glue, hold and glue fabric into place

    • If using plain fabric and want to spruce your baby up. Glue a single snowy snowflake on the front of your babies wrap (optional)

    • For final touch glue the Santa hat on your precious babies head

      TADA! Now you are the proud parent of a beautiful bundle of joy, you just need to name your baby and welcome him or her into your family. 

      We told you it would be easy peasy.


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